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Terms of use

These Terms of Use define the relationship between SEVAZH OÜ and any Internet user who has expressed...

Terms of use

These Terms of Use (“the Terms”) define the relationship between SEVAZH OÜ, owner of the Website located at https://sevazh.com/ («the Website»), hereinafter referred to as “Website Administration”, of the first part, and any Internet user who has expressed a desire to use the Website’s services, hereinafter referred to as «the User», accepting public offer to enter into this Agreement, of the second part, collectively referred to as "the Parties".

Terms and definitions

The following terms and definitions shall apply in this Agreement and the relations of the parties arising out of or related to it:

Website Administration - SEVAZH OÜ, Reg. kood 14458853, Jõe 3, Tallinn 10151, Commercial Registry Code: 10539549.

The Internet User – any user of the Internet utilizing the portal but not registered on the Website.

The User – any individual after registration.

Registration – a set of the User’s actions in compliance with the instructions provided on the Website, including giving access to personal data by the User utilizing a special form of the Website’s user interface.

The Website – the portal located at https://sevazh.com - a thematic Website that helps the User congratulate families, friends, partners etc. on various occasions.

User Page – a personal account with information about a particular User.

Credentials – User’s unique username (e-mail address) and password created during registration.

The Agreement – these Terms of Use together with any amendments and additions.

General provisions

The Agreement regulates the Website Administration’s providing the User and the Internet User with access to the Website, creating and maintaining conditions necessary for free use of all resources of the Website, providing the User with needed set of «tools» for full and comprehensive use of the Website, such as: receiving any information offered by the Website, interacting with the Website Administration.

After Registration and on using the Website or any of its services, the User agrees to be bound by the Agreement and commits to complying with it or discontinue using the Website.

The use of the Website is govern by these Terms as well as Privacy Policy, which are publicly available on the Website.

The Website Administration reserves the right unilaterally and at any time to change the terms and conditions of this Agreement. These changes will be effective immediately upon publication of new version of the Agreement on the Website. If the User does not agree with the changes, they shall immediately refuse to access the Website, discontinue using its information and services.

This Agreement covers provision of all currently existing (actual) service on the Website, as well as any following modifications of them and any emerging additional service.

Registration and User account

The User is granted use of Website functionality upon registration and authorization in accordance with procedures established by the Website Administration. The use of the Website is also available without registration considering functional limitations.

The User registers by filling in the appropriate form on the Website. Fill-in-fields marked with «*» are required. The Website Administration may check (require verification) this information by claiming documents to verify the information along with other ways not contrary to legislation in force.

As part of the registration process, the User agrees to provide accurate and complete information on themselves as prompted by our registration form, maintain, and update the information.

The User shall select their own username and password and be fully responsible for its confidentiality. The Website Administration may refuse to grant certain usernames to the User and establish requirements for username and password (length, admissible characters, etc.)

The User shall immediately notify the Website Administration of any cases of an unauthorized (not allowed by the User) access to the Website using the User’s Account and (or) any breach of confidentiality (as well as suspected ones)of User Account. For security purpose, the User shall independently ensure safe termination of the use of User Account («Log out» button). The Website Administration take no responsibility for possible loss or damage of data, as well as other consequences of any character that may result from violations of the provisions of this part of the Agreement.

The parties’ rights and responsibilities

The Website Administration reserves the right to:

  • amend this Agreement. The changes will be effective immediately upon publication of new version of the Agreement on the Website;
  • change the Website’s design and (or) content at any time without providing Users with a special notification, including adding or discontinuing any content on or feature of the Website;
  • in its sole discretion fully or partially limit the Website functionality for technical, preventive or other reason;
  • suspend access to the Website in case of the User’s violation of the terms of this Agreement;
  • prevent automatic access to the Website and discontinue receiving any information generated automatically(e.g. e-mail spam);
  • refuse to register the User whose User Account has been previously deleted for violation of the Agreement.

The Website Administration is responsible for:

  • providing the User with availability of the Website under the terms of the Agreement;
  • ensuring confidentiality of username and password chosen by the User when filling in the registration form, except when provision of the information is binding under legal requirement of the legislation of the Republic of Estonia;
  • not acting the way that may be considered violating the normal Website operation;
  • not amending Users’ Accounts, not editing them, except cases mentioned in this Agreement.

The user is entitled to:

  • use the Website solely for purpose and in the manner provided for in this Agreement and not contrary to the Republic of Estonia’s legislation in force;
  • contact the Website Administration to resolve disputable issues;
  • at any time discontinue using the Website’s resources.

The User shall:

  • read the Agreement and Privacy Policy;
  • use the Website solely for personal non-commercial purpose;
  • comply with the conditions of this Agreement, Privacy Policy;
  • not use the Website for mass e-mailing of greeting cards;
  • not use software that carries out automatic message sending to send greeting cards. If such usage is affirmed, the Website Administration is entitled at its own discretion and without prior notification to limit the number of personal messages the User is allowed to send via the Website, as well as the number of recipients of the above-mentioned e-mails;
  • if requested, provide the Website Administration with additional information that may be directly related the offered service;
  • take full responsibility for validity of information they publish on the Website;
  • themselves represent and defend their interests in relationships with third parties arising out of publication of information on the Website;
  • be responsible for activity on their account as well as any consequences such usage carried or could have carried;
  • take proper measures to ensure the confidentiality of the username (e-mail address) and password;
  • immediately notify the Website Administration of any case of an unauthorized (not allowed by the User) access to the Website using the User’s password and username and (or) any breach of confidentiality;
  • not take actions that may be considered as violating the normal operation of the Website;
  • not use any tools, procedures, algorithms, and methods, automatic devices or manual processes equivalent to above-mentioned for access, acquisition, copying or tracking the content of the Website;
  • not circumvent in any way the navigation structure of the Website for obtaining or  attempted obtaining of any information, documents or materials by any means not specifically provided by the Website’s services;
  • carry out only authorized access to features of the Website, any other related systems or networks and any offered service;
  • not use the Website for purposes that contravene the Republic of Estonia legislation in force;
  • not use the Website to distribute advertising materials except with consent of the Website Administration; upload, mail, transmit or use any other way to post any material that contain viruses, computer codes, files or programs for disrupting, destroying or limiting operability of telecommunications and computer equipment or programs, carrying out unauthorized access, as well as commercial software products serial numbers for their generation, usernames, passwords and other means of gaining unauthorized access to paid resources on the Internet that adding program code to the User’s system or altering the User’s system settings as well as for providing links to above-mentioned information.

Requirements to use the Website

The User accepts and commits themselves to use the Website solely for personal, non-commercial purpose.

The User shall not apply software that provides massive or commercial automated e-mailing or automates browsing of the Website. In case of unauthorized use of such software, the Website Administration reserves the right to terminate the User’s access to the services without advanced payment refund.

The use of the Website for commercial purpose is allowed only with consent of the Website Administration.

We realize that colors at the images can vary depending on different computer systems, and especially when printed out. We are making an effort to minimize it; nevertheless, when starting to use the Website, you acknowledge and accept these possible differences and commit not to make a claim against the Website Administration.

The subscription does not bind the Website Administration to create and post any additional material to the Website.

The User accepts to be bound by this Agreement to use the provided service of printing out of products solely for personal purposes. Mass printing and delivering to a third party is not entitled. In case of unauthorized use of printing service, the Website Administration reserves the right to refuse to provide the User with the service without advanced payment refund.

While using the Website (working with the editor, etc.), the User is obliged to ensure that the side content (images, photo and audio files, etc.) uploaded by them should not contravene the law. The User is obliged to mind the copyright law and not to act in a way that may be considered contradicting the copyright law in terms of the use and distribution of somebody else’s (side) content. Our company is not liable for the correctness and legitimateness of the User’s use and distribution of the content uploaded (attached) by the User. It is the User who takes full responsibility for the legitimateness of use and distribution of side content.

In case of violation of this article, the Website Administration retain the right to discontinue to provide the User with the services. Mind that in this case there is no refunding of the advance payment.

Financial terms and conditions

Subscription and fulfilling of individual sales orders as well as purchasing of products is provided on a reimbursable basis.

Subscription is provided in accordance with the rates stated on this Website.

Payments are made via PayPal and other payment services.

Subscription is activated after the Administration has received payment via PayPal and other payment services.

The User is aware of and accepts that PayPal and other payment services may charge commissions for transferring of payments to the Administration of the Website. In addition, the commissions are the User’s additional expenses not included into subscription fee.

The User warrants accuracy, validity and completeness of payment information. The User warrants that they have the legal right to use any credit card or other payment method(s) in connection with any purchase.

The Administration is not responsible for banks’ and PayPal’s charging additional commissions related to payments.

After the Subscription fee has been paid, the User is sent a unique password as an activation key. The User is responsible for safeguarding the above-stated activation key credentials.

After the Subscription fee has been paid, the money is non-refundable in case of refusal to use the Website.

Individual orders payments are made on a pre-paid basis. In case of service cancellation, advance payment is non-refundable.

Intellectual property

Intellectual property related to any content of the Website, including, but not limited to information and software available via the Website, is the exclusive property of the Website Administration, its affiliated parties and other parties mentioned in the Copyright Notice.

The Website Administration, its affiliated parties and other parties mentioned in the Copyright Notice, possesses the full scope of exclusive right throughout the term of intellectual property legal defense in compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

The User shall not change, publish, share, participate in selling or sharing, reproduce, replicate, distribute, demonstrate or else make full or partial use of any of the content on the Website, except ways permitted by the Website Administration.

While using any copies of provided content, the User shall not make any changes of it and shall preserve the copyright notice on them.

Liabilities of the parties

The User uses the Website at their own risk. The Website Administration makes no representations or warranties about the Website, which is provided “as is”. The Website Administration is not responsible for actions of the Users.

The Website Administration takes no responsibility for the User’s visiting or using any websites linked to the Website.

Having posted information on the Website, the User is solely responsible for defending their interests in relation to third parties arising out of publication of information on the Website.

Adding information to the Website, the User takes responsibility for its accuracy and completeness.

Dispute resolution

Before filing a complaint arising out of relations between the User and the Website Administration in court, it is obligatory that a claim (voluntary settlement in written form) be made.

The claimer, within 30 calendar days of reception of the claim, shall notify the claimant of the outcome of considering the claim.

If agreement cannot be reached, the dispute shall be submitted to judicial authority in compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

The law of the Republic of Estonia governs these Terms of Use and relationships between the Website Administration and the User.

Final provisions

The Website Administration is not obliged to perform the production of any additional material solely in view of the fact that the User has subscribed or placed an individual order.

On entering into this Agreement, the User agrees to receive advertising from the Website Administration via telephone, fax, facsimile, mobile cellular communication, e-mail, instant messaging programs. For this purposes the Website Administration is entitled to use the User’s contact details provided for Registration and subsequent use of the Website. By this the User confirms that they have been notified of their right to request that the Website Administration immediately discontinue distribution (publication) of advertising to them at any time specifying the form of unsolicited advertisements and the way of receiving them, and of the obligation of the Website Administration to cease advertisements distribution (publication) to the User on short notice.

In case of technical problems or problems with making payments, the User may contact technical support.

In case of any questions on implementation of this Agreement or claims, the User may contact the Website Administration via e-mail: info@sevazh.com; or via mail: SEVAZH OÜ, Jõe 3, Tallinn 10151.