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Unique greeting cards considering your preference


This section caters for those who aims at being unique.

Do you want to congratulate your special person and give them something one-of-a-kind? Your ambition deserves credit.

Having made up your mind to order a custom greeting card, you show how much this person means to you. It emphasizes that he\she is important and holds a special place in your heart.

We are aware of the fact that this person must be truly SPECIAL if you have ordered such a gift.

It would be our pleasure to accept your order. Our artists will make every effort for the card to be beautiful and perfectly suitable for congratulating your loved one.

We love creating something exceptional and always put our heart and soul into our work, yet for those who take congratulating so seriously we will go above and beyond.

The product created for you will not be shared with anyone else. It’s solely for you and to be used by you.

If you give your permission to show the custom card made for you as a sample item in Fulfilled Orders section for other users to get the idea of our products, you will be given 10% discount.

For the greeting card to be just the right one and suit the person perfectly, please provide the following information:


This is a reminder that the product is provided in digital format only. You may print the card yourself using the provided digital file, or you may turn to the nearest printing services agency.

Turnaround time: 7 to 15 weekdays (depending on the artists’ workload).

It happens that the workload is huge, especially in the run-up to holidays. In case we are not able to accept your order, we will notify you within 48 hours. Please mind it and place your order in advance.

It would be our pleasure to create for you a perfect card for a perfect greeting, and we will do our best.

** Note: as every service from «Services» section is of a one-off nature, there is no refunding the payment in case of cancelling the order.

Please mind the creative nature of the work of the artist and that your ideas and those of the artist may be quite different. Claims on this matter shall not be accepted.

Please feel free to use our conventional greeting cards.