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Dear friends. If you are interested in this section, you want to go off the beaten track. “Services” section caters for those who understands what «a custom product» is and knows what it is worth of. A number of design companies rely on a set of samples and templates (pictures of bunches of flowers, balloons, Christmas decorations, etc.) These samples are arranged in different ways on canvas. You would expect the results of such arrangements (greeting cards, Birthday invitations, etc.) to be different and have many distinctions. But if you take a closer look, you will realize that there are other cards with the same flowers, Christmas trees and so on. It does happen. Such approach allows for different designs at a lower cost. However, this is not the case with our company.

We design and create our products from scratch, using, let us say, blank canvas only. The artists come up with a story-line, sketch with pencil and then turn it into a ready-made work. Each custom card or invitation is a single unique creation. It may be that different works have tiny similarities, but the reasons for this lie in the artist’s distinct style. Generally, such cases of similarity are extremely rare.

This approach does require lots of effort and time, so it is rather expensive. But wouldn’t you like to get the only copy of such a truly unique one-of-a-kind product? And it is our pleasure to make your wish come true.

It is wonderful to create something brand-new and off the beaten track!

This section caters for those who aims at being unique.

Do you want to congratulate your special person and give them something one-of-a-kind? Your ambition deserves credit.

Having made up your mind to order a custom greeting card, you show how much this person means to you. It emphasizes that he\she is important and holds a special place in your heart.

We are excited to offer you something truly exceptional. As a rule, this sort of cards is ordered in advance as it takes time for the order to be fulfilled. Generally, it is a present in itself which is usually characterized by genuine uniqueness.

A Caricature Greeting Card is filled with fun and will leave no one indifferent. Such presents are treasured for years and hold great sentiment. It will leave a lasting impression if put into a frame before being given to the honoree. In this…

Here is a genially exclusive and absolutely fascinating gift option. You are not just expressing sincere wishes to your special person. What you are doing is giving them a whole story. With such a present, you can express emotions, say your best wishes, emphasize the uniqueness of your relation, and much more at the same time. Such gifts create the story of you two. It’s full of fun and meaning. A comics will not only set the festive mood on the big day, but also treasure the wonderful moment…

Marriage ceremony is not only a mature and responsible step, but also a cherished moment in a couple's history. Organizing such an event takes close attention to every detail with no exception. Nothing can be unimportant. And a beautiful and well-designed invitation to your wedding is definitely far from being just a tiny detail.

By sending wedding invitations, you let everyone know about the decision you two have taken. In fact, it is the first step towards your event. And it is desirable…

Throwing an awesome party is an art. With the guest list planned and the date and place set, you now should think of a nice way to let those people know they are invited. An exclusive birthday party invitation is destined to impress your friends and family, highlight your style and the uniqueness of your event. You can't go wrong with choosing it. A well-designed invitation will set the guests into the mood for celebration in advance.

Make them see you take the preparations for the celebration…

It’s a nice choice to create your history of Memorable and Important Dates and make significant day and turning points of your life stay forever. If you are reading this section, you are perfectly aware of the fact that your big days are yours only and they are unique. So, the memorable dates list design must be as special and one-of-a-kind.

No one’s story and experience are the same. Having made up your mind to order a custom design, you show and emphasize the uniqueness of those events…

Are you looking for a painting, artworking services or something of the kind? We would like to offer our services, design and create something unique for you.

Your suggestions and preferences will be taken into account, but at the same time, we will not impose limits on the artist's imagination. Surely, it is the only way to create something unique and unusual. Our experience tells us that there is no creating something truly decent if one has to consider all sorts of limitations.