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You don’t need to buy our cards separately.
Almost all the cards will be available to you for a fairly reasonable price for a year subscription.
The occasions calendar will be available for you to schedule all occasions.
Possibility to print out lots of cards for a price comparable to that of just a couple of cards sold in shops.
Our site enables you to personalize and individualize a great number of cards and greetings. Such personalized cards are the most appreciated ones by receivers.
You get the opportunity to personalize and make use of almost every Birthday Party Invitation, Wedding Invitation and Thank You cards by our artists and designers.
Possibility to participate in our contests.
The subscribers are enabled to buy limited edition cards unavailable for regular users.
And finally, the greatest advantage you get is the beauty, warmth, merriness and gentleness of our cards. By sending them you share joy with others and make them smile. And the fact that it requires not only money but time and effort means that you put your heart and soul into the congratulations.