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Limited edition greeting cards

Welcome to Limited Edition Cards section.

Do you want to be unique and inimitable? Look no further. Use and share these greeting cards with your special people.

Limited-Edition Cards:

  • there are no more than 500 copies of each card;
  • are not available in digital format. It is possible to shop only a printed version of these cards;
  • are available for subscribers only;

Card Series

There is a number of greeting cards producers across the globe; nevertheless, it happens quite often that people receive absolutely the same congratulations on holidays. Our company is convinced that knowing that the recipient is bound not to get the same card as the one you are sending makes it much more enjoyable to congratulate.

What is the way to congratulate in one-of-the-kind manner and not to spend a fortune on a custom greeting card? To work out a solution we created the Limited Edition section.

The price for a Limited Edition card is indeed a bit higher than for a regular card from shops. But what do you get for this price? Here are just the most prominent but not all of the advantages of sending Limited Edition cards:

  • You may be almost a 100% sure that the addressee is highly unlikely to receive the same card from someone else. The total population of the planet has been estimated to be around 7,5 (seven and a half) billion people in 2018. There are only 500 copies of each card of the Limited Edition section, so the probability to receive the same card is: 500 copies / 7 500 000 000 = 0, 000 000 06. In other words, it almost equals zero.
  • The average price for a custom greeting card is from $30 to $150 (and higher) depending on the peculiarities of design, details and the quality of work. On the contrary, when buying a Limited Edition card, you get such a product that is so rare that it may be considered equal to custom products but at a considerably lower price.
  • Any limited edition goods are rather collectible.
  • First and foremost it delights you and bring satisfaction to know that your congratulations will be almost inimitable. Remember that almost zero percent probability of the addressee’s receiving the same card?

May the use of our cards bring you joy and delight.

We are doing our best for you.