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If you don't find what you are looking for, our Customer Service representatives would be happy to assist you. To reach our Customer Support Center with your questions and suggestions, please visit the ‘Contact Us’ page.

General Information

What are the system requirements to access the website?

Here are the supported browsers. Desktop:

  • Chrome 60+
  • Edge 15+
  • Safari 11
  • Firefox 58+

Android and iOS 10+ mobile devices.

The website design may look a bit different on different devices and different browsers.

Is there any advertising or advertising software on the website?

No, not in the usual form. We cooperate with partner organizations that provide additional services: printing and sending of greeting cards; T-shirts printing; our greeting cards (characters) themed souvenirs making, etc. Thus, descriptions of some goods may include information about their services and links to their websites.

How do I get started?

  1. Sign up. By this, you will be able to access your Personal Account, edit your personal information, select friends and family to be congratulated, use Congratulations Scheduler (all its features are available for subscribers only), get orders related information as well as send free cards.
  2. Buy a Subscription. You may purchase ready-made greeting cards without subscribing, although this option is not financially advantageous and doesn’t grant you any additional privileges. For any further information, please visit Contact Us page.
  3. Next, you simply find a card you need and send it to the addressee, or download it for printing (or print directly from the website).

Can I send congratulations without buying a subscription?

A few free ecards are available. Such cards are marked ‘Free’ with a ribbon at the corner of a picture.

If you like sending our free cards, you are most likely to enjoy our membership! Subscription provides access to hundreds of ecards as well as a number of other tools.

How do I become a member (buy a subscription)?

In order to become a member of Sevazh.com, please sign up for the website and choose the scheme most attractive for you here or on your Personal Account.

How many ecards can I send after becoming a member?

Once you have purchased a subscription, you can send (download) an unlimited number of cards (except for those from Limited Edition section) within the whole subscription period! Limited Edition cards are available for subscribers only at a low price.

Is there a free Trial to try your Services?

To try our Services, all you need to do is to sign up for our website - it's absolutely for free. You will enjoy all the basic Member options with the exception of a number of them, but this would be enough to see how everything works here.

Can I order personalized cards?

Our website has a built-in editor providing cards personalization (the full range of features is for subscribers only). The Editor enables you to add and format text and photos, select a greeting card format and much more. If these are not enough and you want to order a custom personalized greeting card, please use our Services section.


Will you share my personal information?

We do not share your personal information with third parties for their marketing purposes without your consent. Please review this section for a more thorough explanation of our privacy policy.

Do you keep my credit card information in your system?

We do not keep information concerning your payment details.

What do I do if I forgot my password?

If you do not remember your password, simply leave password field blank and you will receive a new, along with a link to activate.

How do I change my password?

If you'd like to change your existing password, go to your Personal Account and click the ‘Profile’ link. Please follow the instructions.

When I sign in, why do I get an incorrect email or password error?

If you're getting this error, you may be inputting an address or password that does not match what we have on file for your account. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Invisible characters or spaces before or after the email address and\or password.
  • Automatic fill-in of password information with a wrong password from your browser database.
  • You have forgotten your password

We recommend that you manually type your email address and password. If that does not resolve the issue, you can also reset your password.

When I sign in, I receive a message regarding cookies.

This message appears when you haven't accepted the conditions of using cookies or when the browser you're using isn't set to accept cookies. For further information, please visit Cookies page. There you can also find instructions to change the browser's cookie settings.

What are the password requirements?

For your security, the requirements are that your password have 8 or more characters. For security purposes, we encourage you to combine lower case and capital letters and use a minimum of 1 numeric character, as well as symbols (!@#$%^&*). In addition, we recommend that you not use words that are easy to read as your password because such passwords are easily guessable.

What should I do if I have not received my Password Reset email?

Depending on your email provider, it may take some time for the password reset email to arrive in your inbox. Moreover, this email may also have been routed to your junk or spam email box, so we recommend your checking it. If this is the case, to remedy this situation for any future emails, please add our email address to the address book associated with your email client. If you still do not see the email appear in your Inbox, please reset the password again or contact our Customer Support Center.

What do I do if I no longer have access to the email address for this account?

Feel free to contact our Customer Support Center. One of our Customer Support representatives will respond ASAP.

Personal Account

How do I unsubscribe from emails or newsletters from you?

Log in to your Personal Account. You may remove the marker ‘Subscribe to notifications’ on the Profile tab of your Personal Account.

How do I select somebody to send congratulations to?

Log in to your Personal Account. Go to the ‘Contacts' tab. Click ‘Add person’ button under the list of already added contacts. Fill in the form and click ‘Save’.

How to make any changes to\delete a contact from my Address Book?

Log in to your Personal Account. Go to the Contacts tab. On the right corner of each contact, there are buttons with the following icons:
- edit Contact Information,
- delete from the list.

Clicking these buttons brings about the corresponding action. NOTE: you cannot delete a person if congratulations for them have been already added.

How do I use the Congratulations Scheduler (calendar)?

It's a piece of cake: select the day on which you would like a person of your Address Book to receive congratulations. Add your personal message by filling in the form. The ecard will be sent to the addressee's email on a specified day and at a specified time.

Note: There's no time limit for the Scheduler. Nevertheless, if a greeting is scheduled for a date beyond your subscription period, it will not be sent.

Customizing Greeting Cards and Using the Editor

How do I find the card I need?

You can lessen the number of viewed items by using filters located on the left side (at the top of the screen on mobile devices) of a catalog page. Moreover, the navigation menu provides search opportunity.

How do I send an ecard?

On the screen where you can view full information about the ecard, select the ‘Preview Customize Print Save Send Add to calendar’ button. You will be directed to the Editor where you can customize the ecard. Next, if you are a member, select the ‘Send’ button. If you haven't purchased a subscription, click the ‘Buy’ button, fill in the sending form and select the ‘Save and Send’ button. All the ecards are added into the Congratulations Scheduler, so you can check your message history or change the message if it hasn't been sent yet.

Can I change or cancel an ecard?

All the ecards are added into the Congratulations Scheduler, so you can change the message if it hasn't been sent yet. It is possible to change the card itself while making changes to the message.

Can I send a greeting card again?

Yes, you can. Log in to your Personal Account. Select ‘Congratulations Scheduler’. Find the card you wish to send and press the ‘Copy’ button. You'll then be directed to the form with details from the previous message. Edit it as you need and press the ‘Save and Send’ button.

How do I know that my ecard has been sent?

After an ecard has been delivered to the addressee, we also automatically deliver a confirmation email and a copy of the card to you. If you have not received a confirmation email, it's possible that our emails are being routed to your Junk Mail or spam box. Please check it to make sure. If this is the case, to remedy this situation for any future emails, please add our email address to the address book associated with your email client.

How long do you store my Message History?

The Scheduler stores ecards for 1 year. You may also use your right to be forgotten, go to your personal account and mark ‘Do not store my Message History’. Moreover, you may send us an application for deleting all your Message History straightaway.

What features does the Card Editor provide?

Depending on the type of a card you can:

  • Add and edit a text message;
  • Add any photo or image (not violating the copyright law);
  • Add clipart images from the Library;
  • Add sound effects for an online card.

Moreover, you can save the result, print or download a printable file of excellent quality - all above-mentioned is available for subscribers only.

I added an image and it hides behind the text I added before. How do I place the text in front of the image?

Each item you add - text, an image or effect - occupies its own layer along the Z-axis. To change the position of an element, use ‘Bring forward’ and ‘Send backward’ buttons. Each time you press these buttons the element is brought forward or sent backward, respectively.

I made some changes to my card, then changed my mind and wanted to roll back these changes, but couldn't reverse them completely. Why?

The history of changes stores only the last 20 operations. Please keep it in mind while editing a card.

I added an image, and it looked great in the Editor, but on printing its quality get much worse. What is the reason?

The images in the Editor are not of high resolution to speed up working with them. Nevertheless, on printing, cards are of 300dpi resolution, that is a standard card of 5’x7’ outputs at 1500х2100 px. Please upload images with a resolution that fits the requirements, otherwise, they would be resized and their quality would be lower.

Why should I download a printable card if there's an option of printing it straightaway from the website?

Direct printing from the Editor is carried out by the facilities of your browser. In this case, the full quality of printing (300ppi) is not available, and print settings are selected by the browser you are using. This mode is designed for previewing rather than printing.

The person I sent my ecard to did not receive it. Why?

There are the following reasons why recipients do not receive ecards:

  1. Incorrect recipient’s email address. Check the recipient's email address to avoid this issue in future.
  2. Messaging Provider is routing the message to a junk email box.

In either case, you can simply forward the copy of the email that you received from us to your intended recipient from your email box.

I received an inappropriate greeting. What can I do about this?

We are very sorry that you received an inappropriate or abusive message in the form of one of our ecards. Using our service in this way violates our Terms of Use and will not be tolerated. The user who sent such a message would be permanently banned. If you were physically threatened, you should contact your local law enforcement authorities immediately. We will cooperate with their investigation in any way we can, in compliance with applicable law and our privacy policy.

If you would like, we can block your email address for you not to any longer receive ecards from our service. Please be aware that this will also prevent legitimate communications - those from family and friends - from being delivered. Please contact us if you want to take this step.

Orders and Payment

What are my payment options?

The following methods of payment are acceptable:

  • Credit cards and bank issued debit cards including Visa, MasterCard
  • PayPal - Use your PayPal account without sharing your bank or credit card details.

How do I buy a card I like?

You should go to the detailed description of the card, switch to edit mode for making appropriate changes to the card, and, if you haven't bought a subscription, press the 'Buy' button. If you have already subscribed, you can use all the cards except for those from Limited Edition section for free within the subscription period.

I bought a one month subscription in January, but it lasted 30 days, though there’s 31 day in January. Why?

To facilitate calculations and provide all the users with equal opportunities, the number of days covered by subscription does not depend on the current month or year and is a constant: one-month subscription – 30 days, one-year subscription – 360 days, two-year subscription – 720 days. In addition, the subscription is activated at midnight the following day after the payment is received. So, technically a one-month subscription always includes 30 days plus the rest of the current day.

My subscription expires in a month, but I’d like to renew it now. Whom should I contact to keep the rest of the days covered by the current subscription?

You don’t have to contact anyone. You simply purchase a new subscription for the period you need, and the number of days will be automatically added to your current subscription.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Our membership does not renew automatically. At the end of the subscription period and without renewing the membership, your subscription will be canceled. Nevertheless, charges already incurred may be non-refundable under the terms of using the website.

Can I change or cancel my order once it has been paid?

Please submit a support request selecting the adequate category to our Customer Support service. Your orders are fulfilled within a fairly short period of time. Nevertheless, we will make every effort to meet your request.

How do I track my order status or view my order history?

Log in to your Personal Account. Go to ‘Orders’ tab where the whole order history is viewed.