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You have a chance to get an amazing present.
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Dear subscribers, we love you and hold you dear. To make the use of our congratulations even more enjoyable for you, we regularly run contests so that you could win our cards-themed souvenirs.

You have a chance to get an amazing present. Many of these presents are of limited edition and many are handmade products. Basically, each of such souvenirs is unique.

We hope that our greeting cards and souvenirs bring much joy and happiness into your life.

The contest may only be entered by our subscribers.

Our Contests

Best Holiday Wishes Contest

This contest for our subscribers is very simple and easy. You come up with and send us your congratulatory words and best wishes for various holidays and occasions (see the rules), and we will choose winners based on the votes by our artists (on whose works the contest is based on) and award prizes.


Current contest