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Series: Limited Edition Cards


The best relationship comes when you haven’t seen it coming, haven’t been expecting anything. And when it happens, you feel like the happiest winner of the game of life. Falling in love is a universal experience – love doesn’t know any limits, any rules, or stereotypes. When it comes, it changes the lives of the two. You find yourself loving the person so much that no words can be enough. One look at her makes your heart swell, and you know your love will last forever. When words are not enough to speak your heart out, this greeting card can say more and help you express your feeling. Surely you have a lot to say.

Never let your soulmate go and remember: love is too beautiful to be hidden in the closet.

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I’m firmly convinced that the artist is gifted to present people with emotions. Each of my cards (illustration) holds as mall story full of various feelings: love, humor, mischief… Exchange greeting cards, share emotions – that’s what makes us happy!

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