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Series: Limited Edition Cards


What is love? Probably, there’s never going to be a satisfying definition, because we all experience it in a different way. But one thing is certain: there’s nothing like love in the whole universe. It’s inside us, and it grows stronger with each look into the loved one’s eyes. When love comes, you forget about what it felt like before he\she came along. You learn to care about another person, you reevaluate your values and beliefs and eventually become a better version of yourself.

There are ways to say ‘I love you’ without words, and this greeting card will help you speak your heart out.

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I’m firmly convinced that the artist is gifted to present people with emotions. Each of my cards (illustration) holds as mall story full of various feelings: love, humor, mischief… Exchange greeting cards, share emotions – that’s what makes us happy!

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