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Caleidoscope of love



Caleidoscope of love



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There aren’t enough colors on Earth to fully display the word “love”, because it is unusually multifaceted, bright and unique. Here, in this big heart, as in a caleidoscope, an abundance of bright colors shimmers: orange, violet, pink, red, yellow, lilac. If you look at it, you can consider multi-colored masks, circles, ribbons, flowers, patterns. And all this variety of colors with the symbolic name "love" makes the mood magical and life brighter. It’s time for a little heart-to-heart, in the form of our Valentine’s Day cards.

Print size:

One list 7.86" x 11"

  • For subscribers - 300ppi, 2358px x 3300px
  • Free for all - 72ppi

Double list (card) 5" x 7"

  • For subscribers - 300ppi, 1500px x 2100px
  • Free for all - 72ppi

Available as:

Printable Card:

  • Download PDF - only for subscribers
  • Online - free for all

eCard - free for all


  • Add cliparts
  • Insert photo
  • Add any text
  • Record audio from mic (for eCards)
  • Add music from list (for eCards)


You may print a source uncolored image as well as its colored version. On printing, choose and customize the suitable format. It may be printed as a greeting card, or you may print it full-page, color and frame it. You'll get not just a card, but a nice gift.

I like to create unique things that resonate with you. I believe that everything that is created with love is done well. Therefore, I am glad to share with you what inspires and brings me joy!

The mobile version of the Editor is available, yet for more convenience we suggest that you customize cards using the desktop version.

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