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    A Christmas scene

    A Christmas and New Year greeting card featuring an elegant Christmas tree, picture-perfect sweet house, and light fluffy snowflakes. Mystery of the holiday. You are openhearted, remember loved ones and show your gratitude for their being by your side. The very thought of Christmas brings back so many jolly memories. Bring a smile to your special people’s faces and wish them a very happy holiday by sending this card.


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    Enchanting Snow Globe

    Rich in the holiday spirit and pleasing to the eye, this fabulous Christmas card is just what you’ve been looking for. A marvelous transparent snow globe set against the glowing darkness of the night encloses a miniature house, trees under the snow blanket, and a snowman. It will make anyone enjoy and love the magic of Christmas. Miracles find everyone, just keep faith in it as the most wonderful time of the year is coming up.


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    Waiting for a Christmas miracle

    Christmas time is always special, no matter who you are or how old. We all turn into enchanted Children, make a wish and look for magic around. Never stop believing and enjoying the special time of the year. Share this charming card with your special people and wait for miracles together.


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    Holding our breath waiting for Christmas

    A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year greeting card reflecting the magic and excitement of the holiday. Christmas is in the air, and everyone is excited about the celebration ahead. Both the nature around us and our hearts are full of joy and high spirits. Let’s celebrate! This card featuring a lovely tranquil scene would be a great choice to congratulate your near and dear and set them into the holiday spirit instantly.


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    Cheerful penguins

    Cheerful penguins, bright Santa hats, candies, snowflakes and Christmas. This scene is bound to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Send this card and fill friends’ and family’s hearts with joy. Make your gift a memorable holiday experience that will express your care and love. The perfect choice as a backdrop for your heartfelt wishes. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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