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Advantages of Coloring Greeting Cards

Here’s why we thought it great to create them.

Published on 22 February 2019

There’s no shortage of options for a stunning gift on our website as we’re jam-packed with gorgeous cards that suit any occasion. But we’re still not ready to rest! As you have probably noticed, we’ve recently added a new section of coloring cards with beautiful intricate designs. What is so special about them apart from being an off-the-beaten-path and accessibly priced gift?

Coloring pages are no longer for kids only, and that’s not because every adult is still a child at heart. Let’s confess it: we just love coloring! Luckily for us, the idea of coloring when you’re an adult doesn’t seem so laughable anymore.


According to recent researches, it may be that coloring activities are highly beneficial to mental health and capable of reducing stress levels significantly. Psychologists claim that coloring brings relief to your brain and calms anxiety. Since recently, a growing number of colleges in the USA have been handing out coloring books to students to help them cope with stress. Today we’re stressed out about too many things, so no wonder that coloring pages for adults have grown into a major trend. As you color, your mind becomes empty and relaxed, you concentrate on the process and let go of everything that disturbs you. So you can literary color away any stress and tension. Some even claim that the benefits of coloring are similar to those of meditation. And surely, you’ve heard of art therapy and its benefits to mental health. Moreover, coloring spurs creativity and helps focus on the moment. Who said you need to be an artist to enjoy it?

Do you know someone who enjoys coloring? Do you want to empress them with an unexpected meaningful gift that shows your affection and emphasizes your understanding of the person’s preferences and hobbies? And not to spend a fortune at the same time? Our coloring greeting cards will fit the bill! Choose the one you need and make the day memorable!

Looking for a perfect meaningful gift for your wonderful mom or dad? Choose one of our coloring cards, be creative, add a rainbow of color and beauty, and give them the card you’ve put your heart and soul into. They will love it! Or color the card together with your kids and give it to their grandparents. It’s a perfect way to spend time together and create something that will bring not just a momentary pleasure, but great memories.


So get back in touch with your inner artist, color, be creative, relax, have fun, and celebrate meaningful connections with our new coloring greeting cards!

Looking for something unique, entertaining, and beautiful? Our coloring greeting cards will be a good bet.

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Published on 22 February 2019

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