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Preview - Birthday Greeting Cards for pets

For all meowing and barking animal pals and for those who can sweet and fly

Published on 31 May 2019

We are thrilled to introduce a new category available for you. Now you have an opportunity to congratulate not only your mom, dad and all those loved and special ones, but also your dear adorable pets. Excited? For all meowing and barking animal pals and for those who can sweet and fly. Meet our greeting cards for pets that are already on the website! Read on to find out what is so special about them.

Those who have ever had a pet would agree that petkeeping is a life-changing experience - it’s hard to imagine where we would be without them. Their loyalty, love, and intelligence perform miracles with the bond between us enriching us every day. Our supportive cuddling companions make us much happier and push aside dreary loneliness. Love is our basic necessity, and sharing emotions with a furry companion means giving and receiving this precious gift. Animal pals become more than pets – they are part of the family, and should enjoy as much love and care as any other family member does. Aren’t they worth it?


So, if your pet’s birthday is coming up or if you have been lucky enough to be invited to a birthday party in honor of your friend’s furry companion, you must be searching for an super-extra gift that would express your feelings and appreciation towards them. We are excited to offer greeting cards for pets as the perfect addition to whatever gift you’ve come up with or a heartfelt gift in itself. What is so special about them?

  • Customization and personalization. These cards are templates finished with a photo of your animal pal, their name and date of birth. Text is complimentary with the graphics and the theme of the card. The result is a gift as unique as the pet is.
  • Browse the category and take your pick of any card you like and then simply print it out;
  • Strong on design and rich in details, they will provide inspiration when you’re at a loss for words;
  • A greeting card is a flawless means of conveying thought and emotion, and surely you have a lot to say to your lovely pet. Animals are not spoilt by the world of digital communication, so giving them a card will add to their special day;
  • Part of the family, right? Do you doubt giving greeting cards to the rest of your family?

Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate beloved pets and everything they do for you with a charming greeting card specially designed for that purposes. What can be cuter in the world than a furry best friend jumping around in excitement with a party hat on them? So, think of a nice way to celebrate them, and they will know you love them right back.

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Published on 31 May 2019

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