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Are you ready to make greeting cards to a new level? Today we are proud to introduce one more means...

Published on 1 April 2019

Are you ready to take greeting cards to a new level? Today we are proud to introduce one more means for you to add a customized touch to any card and make your special people happy with amazing greetings just for them. To make your cards ultimately personalized, we offer a selection of Art Alphabets. n-190401-2 These are new adorable fonts – stylish arrangements of shapes and colors that let your feelings speak. An interesting selection of outstanding fonts provides all the inspiration you need to get started. From summary floral to cute hearts, from stars to balloons in vibrant colors – your message can be written in a range of fascinating ways that mirror your sense of style and «feed your creativity». Is that not music to your ears? Here are some ideas about how you can use these awesome fonts:

  • Sign the card using one of our art alphabets. Write your name in a fancy way choosing a font that caters to your taste. It will make a gorgeous closing to your message. Make sure that the font you choose is in sync with your personality!
  • Add charm to the text by using art letters at the beginning of each paragraph. The whole message will look more sophisticated and one-of-a-kind.
  • Start your message by writing the receiver’s name using art alphabets – it will immediately draw their attention and make them excited about the rest of the text. Such awe-inspiring introductions make the greetings much more personal and make them stand out from all other plain and soulless e-cards.
  • Need a logo? Create it today! Our art alphabets will come in handy. Just take a Blank Page, go to Editor and experiment with fonts and colors to your heart’s content. The only limit is your imagination. Forget about endless scrolling next time you go Googling for an ideal font – we have them all!
  • Figures are available as well! Write the date using the font you like and make the card scream festivity. Don’t be shy and follow your inspiration – that’s the only way to let your inner artist out to play!
  • Use figures in many ways: recall for how many years you’ve known each other; the day when you kissed for the first time; congratulate of turning 5 or 25, etc.; speak about the reasons you love the person, and wish them a hundred more years of life.
  • Add text to any photo. Choose Blank Page, go to Editor, upload your photo and write whatever you like. Update your profile photo, print the outcome and put into a frame, or maybe you’ll find it perfect for a t-shirt design. You may even combine fonts to get mind-blowing results!

These are just some ways, and you are free to come up with much more. Let your care and love towards your special someone inspire your creativity and guide you through the process. Our elegant fonts with excellent readability will make you stop labelling yourself “uncreative” as they make it so simple to create an awesome artwork. Enjoy the process of creating as well as the outcome and get a perfect and truly unique personal greeting card or invitation. Our Art Alphabets can be your best bet to get soulful heart-warming greetings full of character. Soft lines, vibrant colors, and rounded shapes send a special message and enhance the overall feeling of intimacy and thoughtfulness of your greetings. The fonts look great on greeting cards, wedding and birthday party invitations and allow one to get some really attractive designs. Excited? Time to try them out!

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Published on 1 April 2019

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