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Preview - Birthday Greeting Cards for pets

31 May 2019



Here we announce a new category of cards designed to make your animal pal’s special day brighter. Learn more about them, their peculiarities and customization options. Because your charming companions who changeы your life every day deserve to be celebrated. READ MORE

Art Alphabets – Already available

1 April 2019



Looking for an unexpected way to make your greetings stand out? We’ve launched new gorgeous fonts that will take your cards and congratulatory words to a new level. They’ll boost your creativity instantly! Find out more about the fonts and ways to use… READ MORE

Meet our Congratulations Calendar

12 March 2019



We all face lack of time now and then, yet it’s unacceptable and really awkward when a thought about someone’s big day comes to your mind a couple of days after the celebration took place. We’ve created a useful tool for you to never forget about an occasion.… READ MORE

Advantages of Coloring Greeting Cards

22 February 2019



If you think there could be nothing unexpected about a greeting card, you’ll be surprised. A coloring one has lots of advantages and will make a fantastic present no matter how old the receiver is. Here we explore their benefits for health, ability to… READ MORE