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Pieces Beyond Imagination

Can you come up with any ideas about how to make stunning pieces using the simplest, most common mat...

Published on 24 March 2019

Can you come up with any ideas about how to make stunning pieces using the simplest, most common materials? Cotton wool, wire, a bit of glue, some acrylic paint, and sometimes a wooden picture frame – doesn’t sound very promising, does it?


But what if we’ll tell you that it’s possible to create gorgeous one-of-a-king pieces out of these ‘uncreative’ materials you can find at home? Imagination, skill, creativity and, of course, inspiration work wonders - the "wow effect" is guaranteed. Look at these wonderful gifts and souvenirs made by a gifted craftsperson:


Unbelievable, right? The skilled craftsperson puts her heart into these incredible arrangements of cotton and wire – no wonder the results are so impressive. Cotton statues and compositions captured in detail, picture frames decorated with cotton figures, wonderful Christmas toys and decorations are lovingly handcrafted, high quality products. These pieces are the embodiment of the finest workmanship, beauty and originality of design and, what is important, eco-materials, and they will stand the test of time. They are perfect for tabletop display as well as for decorating a mantelpiece, a work desk or one’s bedroom. Each piece is created with the utmost attention to quality and detail and will inevitably vary in some way, whether in shades of color or the slightest details, making each one completely unique.


Such decorations are bound to create a warm and sweet atmosphere, and they blend perfectly with any space. We bet you have a heart-warming picture you would like to display. One of those fascinating photo frames will make a contrast accent to enhance your room’s design and pairs well with family photos. It will hold and protect your cherished memories for many years. Do you remember how many photos are there in your phone or laptop? They are just stored there, and you may have even lost the count of them, but once you put one into a frame, happy memories will come to life before your eyes each time you look at it. It is even possible to order a frame for a picture of your pet with your pet’s name written on it (for example, on a cotton bone). Your ideas and wishes are most welcome!


It’s a pleasure not only to get such beauty, but also to give as a gift. If you are looking for the perfect birthday present, adorable and unexpected wedding gift, these pieces will be a good bet. Also, they are great for gifting at baby showers, housewarming parties and family events. Pay special attention to the photo-frames as they are one of those perfect personalized gifts commemorating wonderful things that have happened in one’s life, harmonizing with and complementing modern photography and décor. A photo in such a frame will bring him\her good memories every day. One of those picture frames and our comics greeting card (custom ones as well) will make a stunning combination and inevitably leave a lasting impression – an ultimately personalized present!

Vasnetsov_Sirin_AlkonostSirin (right) and Alkonost (left) – Birds of Joy and Sorrow. Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov 1896

From time to time, the craftsperson puts custom orders aside, takes a break and creates pieces to put her long-nurtured ideas into life and realize her full potential. Such vibrant artworks filled with energy reflecting the craftsperson’s soul are born this way. We could not but show you such pieces.

Here is one that instantly caught our eye. Inspired by V. Vasnetsov’s ‘Sirin and Alkonost’, this incredible composition is beyond imagination. Elegance and style are in every detail making it impossible to take one`s eyes off it. It’s hard to imagine how much time and effort it took to create such beauty that speak volumes.

Surely such pieces are also for sale. By the way, the piece inspired by Vasnetsov’s ‘Sirin and Alkonost’ was sold in less than a day. The craftsperson enjoys the process of creation and fulfills her ambition, and it is not about laying a piece on a shelf once created. She is delighted when her pieces bring joy and a customer is satisfied. We all want to bring a touch of fairytale magic to everyday life, and now you know how.

Dear friends, don’t forget that we don’t sell these items. Yet if you’re fond of them, surely, we’ll help and share the details about how to get them. For these details, just send request.

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Published on 24 March 2019

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