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If you’re looking for a stunning greeting card, a one-of-a-kind gift might come in handy as well. It’s not always easy to come up with genius gift ideas, but don’t worry – SEVAZH is here to help you out! In case you’re stuck on gift ideas or tired of obvious mass-produced items, we’ve found some incredible hand-made gifts for your special people that will immediately tickle their fancy. These are products with integrity and character, let alone they are unique as it’s impossible to make two completely identical craft items. Complement it with one of our cards – and you’ll get an awe-inspiring present that makes the special day something to look forward to. If you should like any of them, let us know and we’ll give you the details about how to get the item. New products arrive all the time, so you will not be disappointed!

We never stop hunting for interesting and unexpected gifts to be introduced to you. Should we hit on decent options, although they may not be entirely hand-made but distinctly creative, inspiring and impressive, we certainly will let you know.

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Pieces Beyond Imagination

24 March 2019



We bet you’ve never thought that cotton wool, wire and acrylic paint could be combined to make such unbelievable gifts and souvenirs. Read on and find out about those cotton statues and photo frames, as well as how to get them. Such wonderful things are… READ MORE