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Why Do We Give Greeting cards

Let’s find out what’s so special about greeting cards.

Published on 11 December 2019

Of thousands of ways to make a person happier, giving them a greeting card is certainly worthy of paying attention to. Apart from being a great thing to do to make the relationship stronger and boost the mood of both the one who gives and the one for whom it is intended, card-giving has almost limitless potential for personalization. Nowadays digital technologies are pushing the conventional, actual card aside, yet the purpose of ecards remains the same: to add to a more pleasant life. Here are some other reasons why it is a nice thing to do.

1. The pleasure of choosing and giving

Undoubtedly, we do not give or send random cards to those we love. If you have ever tried to find one for a friend or in-law, you know that it’s not unusual to spend hours (even days) hunting for the ideal card to find its place in the receiver’s heart. Going through all those lighthearted sentiments makes you smile and fill your heart with a warm and lovely feeling, and set you into the holiday mood.

2. The way to show that you know the receiver and what he\she likes

Think of the intended receiver: their hobbies, shared interests, common memories, favorites among food, movies, colors or whatever – any seemingly tiny detail taken into account while making up your mind about the card will have a huge impact on the impression it makes. And will feel more personal and thoughtful. In the long run, it can go a long way toward strengthening the bond between you.

3. Opportunity to express your individuality

The design, colors, and displayed items – not to mention the text – all speak volumes about who you are and how you perceive the person. The card you choose highlights your sense of style and understanding of the beautiful and festive. We all make our choice according to different criteria, and occasionally it is possible to guess who was the sender by the look of the card, without looking at the signature. Moreover, it is fascinating to learn new things about yourself through noticing how others see us.

4. The simplest way to let them know about your feelings

In some cases, it’s hard to imagine a better way to make the person feel loved, appreciated and cheered. First of all, it speaks for itself: you haven’t forgotten that today is a special day for them. Secondly, you took time to choose and send it, and given that time is extremely valuable, the receiver will see how much they mean to you.

5. Occasion is not necessary

Besides beautiful cards for holidays that suit every taste and budget, ones for no occasion at all are rapidly growing in popularity. There is no need to wait for an offbeat event or holiday, you can simply go and get a card just for the sake of pleasing the receiver. Whether someone is feeling low, or has passed their exams, or moved to a new place, or you just want to say ‘I miss you’ in a lovely way – be sure there’s a card to fit your unique situation. And receiving one on a seemingly ordinary day is a real delight, especially if the day happens to be not a particularly good one.

6. It holds sentiment

Do you keep the cards you received? If so, you literally store emotions. Many people do, and thumb through them reading the wishes and signatures carefully. It’s a special moment when we pause, put all the errands aside and let those endearing pieces of paper transport us to heartwarming memories. It gives an absolutely unique fuzzy feeling.

We Give Greetings cards

Notice the smallest achievements, give comfort to those who need it most, take loneliness always – and much more with a charming card. It is always nice to hear from loved ones who wish you well. No wonder people still opt to send a real card or go the extra mile while taking a pick from e-cards.

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Published on 11 December 2019

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