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Mother's Day Facts

Today we’ll learn some exciting facts about Mother's Day as there’s definitely much more behind it t...

Published on 17 April 2019

For many people spring is the most appreciated time of the year when nature is waking up with all of its beauty, the weather is getting warmer and we soak up the sun feeling lively and refreshed again. The first gentle twittering of birds and shy spring flowers make us overwhelmed with inspiration and hope, like it’s starting anew. After all, no winter lasts forever. While spring seems to be reminding us that every day is worth celebration, a number of heartfelt holidays is lining up making this time of the year filled with joys and happy memories. You may not know that almost half of all greeting card sales fall on the last five days before Mother’s Day. Today we’ll learn some exciting facts about Mother's Day as there’s definitely much more behind it than you might think.


The day to pay a special tribute to all mothers and grandmothers, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds and the impact of mothers in society is observed all over the world, though it differs from place to place. The date varies depending on the country; the mother is celebrated on the second Sunday in May in the USA (May 12 in 2019), while it’s November 24 in Russia, March 8 in Albania, and so on.

Anna JarvisAnna Jarvis

In the USA, the holiday was found by Anna Jarvis in 1908 and officially established 1914 to be a disappointment to its founder. Initially on this day children were to attend church and then write long letters to their mothers and give them carnations. But in the 1920s greeting cards were rapidly replacing flowers making the holiday more commercialized which urged Anna Jarvis to try to cancel the holiday from the calendar, but she failed.

Did you know that the holiday is, in fact, much older than that? Ancient Greeks and Romans started up a lot of amazing things, no wonder the tradition of honoring the mother goes back to Ancient Greece and Rome in a way: Rhea and Cybele were honored as the mother goddess in the two mythologies respectively. But the most distinct precedent for celebrating the day of everyone’s favorite lady is the early Christian holiday known as ‘Mothering Sunday’ that is not to be confused with modern Mother’s Day.

It’s fascinating how languages work: in most of them, the word for ‘mother’ starts with ‘M’, and the possible explanation is the sound ‘mmm’ as one of the first when a child is trying to speak.


It’s time to find something special to fit your wonderful mom. You may start with getting inspired and looking for your perfect gift idea, or see our extraordinary presents selection. Don’t forget to include an adorable greeting card – we have a lot to choose from – and make it even more sweet with your soulful message. Here’s a tip from SEVAZH: any mother would be happy to get a day off, it’s a great time to spend together doing something enjoyable. And finally, love and flowers shouldn’t be limited to just one day out of the year. What can be better than seeing one’s mother smiling?

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Published on 17 April 2019

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