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Make February 14 a most exciting day

Ideas & inspiration for an Over-the-Top St.Valentine’s Day

Published on 8 September 2021

St. Valentine’s is one of those days that add to the beauty of life and love: genuine romantic gestures are a must, as well as a lovely amount of chocolates. If you’ve been up to something seemingly ridiculous, take full advantage of the holiday as it’s the best time to impress your plus one with something absolutely special, even too romantic. Here are some ideas for you to create the day of love the way YOU choose it to be.

Valentine's card

1. DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF DECORATION. Perhaps it’s the easiest way to get into the holiday spirit. Red and pink balloons around your bed, heart-shaped candles all over the house and a glorious bunch of flowers on the kitchen table will make the best setting for your love. You may put up those decorations together or add printed photos of the two of you to make it extra personal.

2. THINK OF A FANCY PRESENT for you loved one, your pet, yourself or whoever you wish. In the run-up to St. Valentine’s season, stores get filled with adorable gifts for every taste and budget, and hunting for one can be a lot of fun. Consider arranging a gift box by yourself or choosing a custom St. Valentine’s greeting card that will find its way into the receiver’s heart.

Valentine's card

3. START THE DAY RIGHT. Shower your significant other with love from the moment they open their eyes. Breakfast in bed is a classic gesture yet you can’t go wrong with it.

4. NO TAKE-OUTS. Let’s make it clear: this kind of food is the worst thing you can choose while planning your holiday. Leave it for tomorrow and think of something unexpected. Grab a cozy blanket, some marshmallows and sausages and spend the night by a bonfire, just you and him\her. Or go for a picnic to the woods leaving the hustle and bustle of town behind. A home-made dinner and a themed party for two would do nicely as well.

5. DON’T BE PREDICTABLE. Having spent some month and years with a person, it can seem that you know them inside out and there’s nothing to be surprised by. Take advantage of their assumption and choose the activity they would expect the least. Never been to a masterclass in chocolate-making? Go and sign up! Have been dreaming of riding a horse? You know what to do now! The more unpredictable, the better.

6. PAY ATTENTION to your plus one’s wishes and dreams as those could be the perfect source of inspiration and practically a ready-made list of things to make them happy. Listen carefully to what your partner shares with you and become their personal magician. Go exploring a city they’ve never been to, spend a night at a museum or try ice-skating – their ideas may be a little ambitious yet it will just spice the things up.

7. SAY ‘I LOVE YOU’ THE WAY YOU NEVER DID. How often do you say these three meaningful words? St. Valentine’s is a nice occasion to start doing it regularly. But this day try something special. Write cute hide-and-seek love letters that will make their little heart melt, create a ‘50 (100, 1000) reasons why I love you’ booklet or stick a reason per candy making the cutest chocolate box ever, or even get a tattoo celebrating your love – anything to make you their romantic hero.

8. SPEND TIME DOING WHAT THEY LOVE MOST. This day is about showing your affection, and paying attention to their hobbies and preferences is more than a nice thing to do. Why not play video games or hit the gym together, watch a basketball (or whatever) game or go shopping – a beaming smile on their face will compensate your possible confusion caused by lack of skill in that area.

first date

9. RECREATE YOUR FIRST DATE. Remember that time when you first saw each other? Travel down the memory lawn and bring those memories to life. Recreate the way you were dressed that day, visit the same place, eat the same food and walk the route you did back then and let the overwhelming feelings make you realize how much you mean for each other. WARNING: you may fall for each other again.

10. DO SOMETHING EXTRA ROMANTIC from a movie scene or women’s magazine even if it seems silly or girlish. Trust us, no one will judge the way you behave today. Take a bath with rose petals together, give each other a massage, leave them a cute DIY card in the car or bake cookies together.

Whatever your relationship status, you absolutely should try to have extra fun today because the holiday is about love in its multiple variations – to your partner, parents, friends and yourself. Let go of all the pressure this day might put you under and just enjoy the atmosphere of carefreeness and love with the people that you love and that make you feel loved back. Hopefully these tips will help you out to make this February 14 a most exciting day.

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Published on 8 September 2021

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