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The art of choosing a greeting card

Here we’ve got some useful tips on how to hit the perfect card or wedding invitation for everyone

Published on 21 June 2019

When it comes to picking a greeting card, there may be different strategies to follow. Yet how much time is spent as well as what the card conveys mean everything. We all want our present to be loved and enjoyed. Shopping or sending a random card you hit is no option if you want the person to feel that you really care. Not to mention that it simply makes your wishes impersonal especially if the message is not written by you. A thoughtful beautiful card would complement any gift, make it better as it shows how much you care about the receiver. Here we’ve got some useful tips on how to hit the perfect card or wedding invitation for everyone.


Step 1. Who is the receiver?

It is the first thing to think about. The feel your card will take on, its design and style depend on whom you are to give it to. How close are you, what is their age, what is it about their personality that would be important for gift-giving? It goes without saying that a Christmas card you give to a friend is not the same one you would give to grandfather. So, the point is that hardly any one and the same card would be suitable for friends, partners and in-laws.


Step 2. Type of card

There are several of them, and considering the pros and cons of each before making up your mind will not hurt. Choosing between a real one and ecard is the first thing to start. Arguments may vary, yet how many people would save ecards? While real ones are appreciated, treasured or even proudly displayed. Nevertheless, sending instant messages is a great way to congratulate someone overseas, there are online card making sites offering customizable and personalizable cards for you to give a personal touch and have one of those perfect personalized presents. By the way, don’t forget about printable cards. Design your own one to deliver just the right message and print it out.

DIY greeting cards stand out from the rest due to their strong design along with rich details. Making one with your hands shows how much the receiver means to you. If you are not into this creative stuff, shops offer a wide array of such cards. This is a nice option for close family and friends yet might be inappropriate for partners and coworkers.

Then the theme and design. Conventional cards are to-be-on-the-safe-side option as you almost can’t go wrong by giving them while unique designs far from the norm combined with a meaningful message will capture their heart and make them feel so very special. Pay utmost attention to every detail, color palette as it has a huge value. The traditional holiday colors are not always the best choice, and humorous cards often leave much to be desired.


Step 3. What does the person like?

Think about the interests or hobbies they have and adjust your vision of the perfect card design for them accordingly. Design including animals, flowers, sweet stuff, cars, movie characters are among the most popular ones. A dog-lover will appreciate a card featuring a lovely animal pal, the same is true about cat lovers. By the way, studies have shown that the pet we prefer has a lot to do with our personalities. If you mom is crazy about flowers, look for some fluffy stunning blooms featured on a Mother’s Day card. Those little details speak volume about your attitude to the honoree and the effort made to please them.

No people are the same. Some enjoy humor and puns, some adore classic designs and elaborate details, others value personal feel and lack of convention.

Nevertheless, you can never know for sure what another person would love. It is all about how YOU see the person. Look for a card that stands out, and if it feels really special and reminds you of the receiver, why not choose it?


Step 4. A well-worded message

A few heartfelt sentences will instantly make the card personal. It depends on a holiday and how well you know the person, yet here is a general guidance to help you out in case you are at a loss for words. But don’t search for pre-written wording straight away, you can easily do without them. Kind words and well wishes are the backbone of any message. Pour out your wishes and add some humor to spice it up (if it is appropriate for this particular receiver). Also consider reflecting on wonderful memories you share or their achievements of the year. It would be nice if you mention traits that you appreciate about the receiver and in what way they inspire you so that they feel special and celebrated. The more specific and sincere you are the more personal your card would be.

Don’t strive to write a lot or make the message too elaborate or graceful. The thing is that you are doing it from the bottom of your heart. A two-sentence message will mean to them a lot more than the most eloquent wording you have searched on the Internet.

With the rise of instant messaging, it’s become really convenient and easy to share thought and emotion by dropping an email. Now it’s possible to communicate with a person thousands of miles away in a second, while half a century ago it would take several days for a letter to reach them. Just think of it! Much as new technology simplifies our life and allows to save time, it also makes some things become remnants of the past. Take mailing as an example. The way people stayed in touch for many years has given way to modern means. Real greeting cards tend to be replaced by ecards as well. Whether you are sending wishes through Facebook or hunting for a Mother’s Day greeting card in a store, now you have the recipe for finding the card that would make them happy. You will crush it!


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Published on 21 June 2019

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