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Published on 11 April 2019

Choosing gifts is the love/hate/ no time activity, yet no matter how you treat it we all face it from time to time. With so many occasions and holidays and not so many genius gift ideas in mind, gift giving can turn into a heavy burden. Everyone wants to make sure that the receiver will love the gift, but with so many things that stores offer, you can easily get confused, especially when you don’t know the person that much. To spend a fortune and buy something extraordinary is a no-brainer, if you can afford it. The knack is to come up with a gift that will make the people you love feel really special and won’t leave you broke when you are on a budget.


Giving gift cards on birthdays and other occasions has recently become extremely popular in Europe and the USA. On the one hand, it’s convenient and sensible as there’s no need to think hard trying to come up with gift ideas, no need to wander around stores searching for gifts or spend hours staring at the screen checking out what online stores have to offer. You just give a card, and the receiver is free to choose the gift himself within the budget. But on the other hand, there is nothing unexpected about such a gift, nothing surprising. Why is the custom of wrapping gifts still so common today? It’s all about keeping the receiver intrigued and excited until the last moment when the gift is finally unwrapped. And gift cards are not that much exciting, unless the sum is really impressive. Nor it is personal or showing your care and love.

So, a gift card is not an option if you treat gift giving as not a mere formality. It’s time to challenge your imagination and make an effort time to find a decent gift for the loved one. If you're looking for a gift and have long run out of ideas, this article is a must; if it’s not the case, it still won't hurt you: the best gifts are those that we give ourselves. So here are some ideas of adorable gifts on a budget.


A decorated gift box is one of the most exciting ideas. You can either order or, to make the present much more personal, arrange it yourself. Start with getting a craft paper box or any paper box, find matching gift wrap, and, an extra touch, a gorgeous ribbon bow and a lovely small card to write you message on. Then fill the box with adorable things: it may be self-care products; some healthy snacks; a selection of leaf tea; coffee; high quality chocolate; a jar filled with candies; accessories; scented candles and anything you wish or know the receiver will enjoy. Treat the receiver to a little "me time" with your thoughtfully selected gift.


A book. Obvious? Maybe. Outdated? Never. Yes, today more and more people switch to reading on smartphones and e-book readers, and yet there are those who constantly need something new to read and prefer to hold a real book in their hands enjoying the smell. It’d be even better if you know the person well enough and share the same reading preferences. Why not go hunting for a beautiful special edition to please any bookworm? If you’re not sure that you can choose a book the person will enjoy reading, consider giving them a gift card to the local bookstore. Unfortunately, a nice book can cost really a lot, yet there are some ways to make a smart purchase without compromising on quality. Drop into a local bookstall to go hunting for a good book for a reasonable price, or check specialized websites and look for books on sale as sales are extremely popular in the USA. Also, why not consider flea markets and thrift stores, there are plenty of nice items there if one is ready to spend time searching for them. In some of those places there has to be the book you’re hunting for, brand new, and you may be surprised by its lower price. After all, it is the book you are going to give, not the receipt.


Flowers are always welcome. They can make even the gloomiest day brighter. The strong-willed, ambitious red roses or gentle sunny chamomiles, they all will be perfect for your loved one or a blooming friendship. Or you can do your bit of enhancing the receiver’s home with house plants and give them one of potted succulents or cacti. It will not only filter the air, but make the room so much cozier.


A personalized or custom greeting card will highlight the one-of-a-kind nature of your gift and undoubtedly make the person feel special. It brings such an overwhelming feeling of knowing that the gift was intended only for them. SEVAZH is glad to offer a wide selection of personalizable greeting cards and comics greeting cards for every occasion, as well as related custom services. To get an ultimately personalized gift is a piece of cake: browse our greeting cards, find the one you like, switch to the Editor and add as many personal touches as you wish. And don’t forget to add a heart-warming message. Be sure the receiver will be stunned by such a heartfelt present as it reflects your thoughts and feelings towards the person. To leave an even more lasting impression, you can print the card and put it into a matching picture frame to be proudly displayed at home.


Kitchen tools always come in handy, especially those that are going to last. With so many interesting items available, your friend certainly doesn’t have all of them. Think a fancy towel, or a set of measuring cups, a pastry cutter or flexible cutting boards, an awesome pancake pen or even a fabulous cookbook.


A charming tumbler cup or mug is a good idea as well, and you may get a custom one with a personalized print. Compliment it with an amazing mug warmer that heats up like a little stove top to keep coffee warm – the receiver will love it. You know, we all sometimes make coffee, open social networks - and lose the track of time completely to end up having it cold. So, such a heater will come in handy, and one can take it to school or university and enjoy a warm cup of coffee anytime.


Is your loved one fond of travelling? Or maybe they often go on business trips and spend a lot of time moving from place to place? A travel pillow will be a good bet showing your care and providing comfort. You may also add a matching slipping mask or a heated car blanket, and the gift will scream relaxation.


Before making up your mind and narrowing it down to the best one, ask yourself whether the gift you have your eye on is in sync with the receiver’s personality. Consider the following:

  • What is important for the recipient?
  • What makes you think this particular gift will be the best?
  • What will the gift convey to you loved one?

Of course, you never know for sure what’s going on inside someone else’s head, yet your experience, attention to details, and thoughtfulness will help. And don’t forget: it’s not that much about the gift itself, it’s about gratitude, love, and emotion. You don’t need the latest and the greatest to bring a smile to you loved one’s face and watch their eyes light up. Gift giving is much more than a simple exchange of boxes – it’s a type of caring.

We hope you've enjoyed the article and it's really widened your horizons. We're doing our best for you!
Best wishes,Your SEVAZH

Published on 11 April 2019

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