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The best father evokes the feeling of pride that one is his child

Published on 17 May 2019

When we think father, we think security, intelligence, strength, skill, and love. We feel safer when he’s there whatever happens; he’s the one who can fix everything; he’s his daughter’s first dancing partner; he’s a role model for his son; he can solve any problem – and you can add a way more to this list. The best father evokes the feeling of pride that one is his child. A loving dad’s presence has a great – and often underestimated – impact on a child’s life as the warmth a security father gives cannot be substituted. And Father’s Day is just one more day of love and gratefulness this amazing person of your life.


Celebrated in over a hundred countries, Father’s Day is a day when we pay tribute to fathers, fatherhood, and the example of the father in the family. The first Father’s Day card was carved out of clay by Elmesu, a Babylonian youth, some 4,000 year ago. Despite the fact that St. Joseph's Day had been celebrated on March 19 for several centuries in Catholic Europe and is still observed in some European countries also as Father’s Day, the origin of the tradition in the USA is believed to be related to a memorial service held for the numerous victims of a mining accident in West Virginia in 1907. Sonora Dodd of Spokane was the first to propose it in 1909, and the holiday was officially established in 1972 when President Richard Nixon signed it into a law. Since then, the day to compliment Mother’s Day falls on the third Sunday in June in the USA. The date varies depending on a country, with many countries in Europe having adopted the 3d Sunday of June. But did you know that the date could have been different?

Inspired by a sermon on Mother’s Day (founded by Anna Marie Jarvis), Sonora Dodd initially suggested June 5, as it was her father’s - American Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart’s – birthday, but the pastors didn’t manage to prepare the sermons by that day shifting the celebration to the third Sunday.

At first it didn’t enjoy much success, and Sonora Dodd made a great effort to promote it with the help of those trade groups who would benefit from the celebration most. Today many argue that the holiday has become too commercialized and lost its initial purpose – to reflect genuine appreciation and love for dad. It’s the second busiest time of the year after Christmas for men’s gift-oriented industries with the necktie being the most popular choice. Other popular gifts include electronic gadgets, gift cards, sporting goods, personal care items, and clothing.


While gift giving is a perfect way to express love and appreciation, let’s not forget that this day is actually about the fathers who evoke these feelings. And your amazing dad deserves the best, most personal gift. Both parents play a vital role for a child. So, it’s time to wow that special person in your life – think of an adorable gift far from the norm. And SEVAZH is here to lend you a hand: our Father’s Day greeting cards offer infinite opportunities for customization to blast your special one with love, and we have selected amazing gifts destined to impress. These will inspire you to make your dad feel extraordinary!

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Published on 17 May 2019

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