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Do you like coloring?

We will help you find coloring books for children for every taste

Published on 25 August 2020

They say little children learn the world by playing. Maybe that’s why from early childhood we love to draw “pebbles” and paint pictures. In childhood, we use coloring books for children, and when we grow up, we look for special adult coloring books. Imagine that adults, like children, sometimes like to paint pictures! It calms and inspires creativity. Do you like coloring? If the answer is yes, then this article is for you! We will help you find coloring books for children for every taste. But first, let's take a short tour with you into the world of coloring.

What is a coloring book?

Drawing is an interesting and fascinating process. They say that everyone can learn to draw. But first, we usually acquire drawing skills by painting ready-made pictures.

Coloring pages are pictures in the form of one or many contours, each of which you can colorize, turning a black-and-white image into a color masterpiece. Coloring books are in the form of separate images, in the form of a plot image on a separate page or in the form of whole albums ( books) with many images for coloring on each page. Each child will color the same image in his own way, depending on age, mood, on the drawing tools that he chooses, and on the degree of drawing skill. Even the same child at different times will paint the same coloring differently, choosing different colors and tools.

A bit of history

The Very First Coloring Book, The Little Folks’ Painting BookThe Very First Coloring Book, The Little Folks’ Painting Book

Coloring pages titled “The Little Folks' Painting Book” (literally translated as “Little Men” or “Little People”) were released by the American company McLoughlin Brothers (company of McLaughlin brothers) in 1880

After that, other publishers joined in. Coloring began to gain popularity. The peak of the popularity of coloring occurred in the 1960s - then the store shelves were simply bursting with children's decorations. In the 1980s, the production of educational coloring books was established, designed to consolidate the topics studied on the anatomy and physiology of man, animals, plants, etc. There were even coloring books on such subjects as mathematics and programming. In 2010, coloring books began to be practiced as calming therapy. For adults, this gave a long-forgotten sense of childhood, a decrease in anxiety, and negative thoughts were thrown to the side and focused on decorating the picture. They were also used to treat vision and the development of fine motor skills of the hands. Such anti-stress coloring books were adopted by businessmen and the most successful for them was 2012, and the peak of popularity of adult coloring pages came in 2015.

And now about what types of coloring books exist. All types of coloring books are divided into three main categories:

  1. Developing coloring books

    Developing coloring books include subject, water, thematic and coloring books.

    • Subject coloring: one large object is painted with clear bold contours with a thickness of at least 5 mm. Such coloring books promote the development of your fingers and pens and help you learn the shapes and colors of objects.
    • Water coloring: they need to be "painted" with water, and the colors manifest themselves and produce the effect of magic! Such coloring books are also ideal for small children, when it is still difficult for a child to hold a pencil in his hands. You can draw not only with a brush, dipping it in water, but also just with wet fingers.
    • Coloring with a field for drawing. Usually, in such coloring around the pictures, free space is left so that you can finish the picture at your discretion, adding your characters or objects. space is left
    • Thematic coloring books are a set of subject coloring books compiled into albums on one specific topic. For example, a coloring book of different brands of cars or animals, or, for example, fruits or vegetables. Such coloring books help to get to know the world around.
    • Coloring books are black and white pictures for a certain fairy tale, story or cartoon with the main characters and plots.
  2. Educational coloring books

    Such coloring books will help you in the process of teaching different subjects in preparation for school and in school directly. They have not only a picture, but also numbers and letters. Learning coloring pages include:

    • Dot coloring.

      In them, before coloring the picture, it is necessary to draw its outline. For this, it is necessary to connect in series the points from 1 to 10 or from 1 to 20, and so on. In the process of doing this work, you will remember the ordinal count of numbers (first from 1 to 10, and then the task will become more complicated). You will need this to study mathematics.

    • Game coloring.

      In such coloring books, you can not only color the pictures, but also play, performing various tasks: for example, find a way out of the maze, highlight objects corresponding to the proposed description in a certain color, answer test questions and the like.

      game coloring
    • Coloring with strokes.

      In them, the contours of objects must be filled with a certain type of hatching.

    • Math coloring books

      In them, each digit or result of a mathematical example corresponds to its own color, in which one or another contour in the picture should be painted.

    • Letter colors are similar to mathematical ones with the only difference being that instead of a number, the color is “encrypted” in a letter, syllable or word.

  3. Anti-stress postcards

    The name itself conceals the meaning of these colorings. Talking about stress at your age is, of course, too early (although there are such cases). But they:

    • save you from a bad mood, give you self-confidence, teach you how to achieve your goals calmly and confidently
    • help to relax and calm down after noisy outdoor games in kindergarten, school or after an active walk on the street
    • distract from sad thoughts, taking you into the world of fantasy, games and fairy tales
    Anti-stress postcards

The benefits of coloring book

Coloring pictures, as it turns out, is not only an interesting lesson, but also very useful. Now I will tell you about the benefits of coloring book

  1. Thanks to coloring books, you know the world from early age, learn to determine the shape of the subject, color.
  2. When painting, your hand and fingers develop, which will help you in the future to acquire writing skills.
  3. Coloring for children develop in you such qualities as patience, attention, perseverance and accuracy. You learn to paint a picture without getting out of the contours, evenly paint over its individual areas, and most importantly - to finish the work that has been started. These qualities will be very useful to you in life.
  4. Coloring books form your artistic taste, give you the opportunity to make each drawing unusual and unique.
  5. Coloring books teach you to make choices and make first independent decisions. It’s yours to choose the picture itself for coloring. You yourself (yourself) decide what your picture will be: just coloring, coloring, supplemented by your drawings, you will colorize according to the proposed model or whatever you like. The choice of drawing tools is yours and the decision is what color to paint this or that fragment of the picture.
  6. Coloring books soothe, inspire creativity, develop imagination, relieve stress, improve mood!
coloring page

Each coloring book is an exciting and interesting story. Tell it so that it talks about the world and helps shape the right moral principles. You see how many positive aspects of coloring books are! So choose your own coloring book and go!

We hope you've enjoyed the article and it's really widened your horizons. We're doing our best for you!
Best wishes,Your SEVAZH

Published on 25 August 2020

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