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The world is wonderful, and learning something new about it has never hurt anyone. Spare just around 10 minutes of your time to get an insight into the origins of magic festive traditions around the globe, discover striking facts behind famous holidays, and simply enrich your mind. Here we collect fascinating articles for everyone to find something that caters to their taste. We bet you will find out facts you’ve never heard of. Let’s check it out, shall we?

Why Do We Give Greeting cards

11 December 2019



As simple and wide-spread as it is, the tradition of card-giving has a lot more behind it. Just think why it feels so great to write best wishes and holiday greetings on a lovely piece of paper to bring a happy smile to your loved one’s face. Let’s find… READ MORE

International Christmas

22 November 2019



Are you sure you know everything about Christmas? There is always something new, unusual and unique in Christmas traditions in all corners of the globe. Learn about the origins of Santa Claus and the Christmas tree. READ MORE

Fascinating Christmas Facts and Festive Traditions - Part II

1 November 2019



Learn more of mind-blowing facts and Christmas traditions in this part II focused primarily on various versions of Santa across the world. Find out who watches naughty children in Japan and where Santa fills shoes with presents or arrives at a snowboard… READ MORE

Fascinating Christmas Facts and Festive Traditions - Part I

21 October 2019



Grab a cup of cocoa and learn a bunch of amusing facts about our beloved holiday. Find out why Donald Duck is so much Christmas in Sweden, what April has to do with the celebration, and at what speed Santa must be travelling to deliver presents to every… READ MORE

Unusual Celebrations Around The World

11 October 2019



Did you know that one day every year it’s okay to leave your trousers behind and make routine trip on metro much more interesting? Read on to find out some of the most amazing celebrations from different corners of the Earth. You’ll be surprised! READ MORE

Facts About Thanksgiving Day

19 September 2019



The day to get all family together around abundant festive table and give thanks to the blessing we have in our lives is among the most beloved holidays. Here we talk about its origin, the first celebration, President Roosevelt's initiative and its outcome,… READ MORE