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The world is wonderful, and learning something new about it has never hurt anyone. Spare just around 10 minutes of your time to get an insight into the origins of magic festive traditions around the globe, discover striking facts behind famous holidays, and simply enrich your mind. Here we collect fascinating articles for everyone to find something that caters to their taste. We bet you will find out facts you’ve never heard of. Let’s check it out, shall we?

Make February 14 a most exciting day

8 September 2021



Here are some ideas for you to create the day of love the way YOU choose it to be. Hopefully, these tips will help you out to make this February 14 a most exciting day. READ MORE

What you need to know about Independence Day

22 March 2021



America is celebrating! Parades, barbeques, and fireworks – this day is one of the most favorite holidays and certainly the greatest one to the nation. We’ve gathered some facts for you to brush up on your knowledge and share with friends while having… READ MORE

Magic power of St.Valentine's day

19 November 2020



Learn more about valentine's day past and presents. Candy, flowers, heart-shaped cards everything about sweet celebration, which happens on February 14 and why do we fall for it, year after year? READ MORE

Do you like coloring?

25 August 2020



Drawing is an interesting and fascinating process. They say that everyone can learn to draw. But first, we usually acquire drawing skills by painting ready-made pictures. READ MORE

International wedding traditions

21 August 2020



Everyone is familiar with wedding staples like tossing the bouquet and the first dance. But what about unusual traditions from other countries and cultures? Check out these fascinating extraordinary wedding traditions from around READ MORE

Why Do We Give Greeting cards

11 December 2019



As simple and wide-spread as it is, the tradition of card-giving has a lot more behind it. Just think why it feels so great to write best wishes and holiday greetings on a lovely piece of paper to bring a happy smile to your loved one’s face. Let’s find… READ MORE