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About us

How it all started

On Christmas Day, as usual, I received many e-cards via e-mail and WhatsApp. However, this time congratulations left mixed impressions. The reason is that 12 out of 17 greetings were the same.

On the one hand, those people intended to show that they did not forget about me, but on the other hand, they picked any card and sent it to the addressee (me).

I began to wonder if I was the only one to have experienced this. However, after discussing it with friends, I realized that almost everyone had faced such situations. Moreover, many admitted that sometimes they waited for the first congratulations and then simply sent it out to their contacts.

Unfortunately, a nice tradition of exchanging greeting cards has turned into farce and formality. It is better not to send a card at all than to do it only out of convention. Nowadays, people no longer appreciate formal congratulations, and some even get irritated. Such congratulations are worth nothing and bring out little emotions.

For your congratulations to awake an echo in addressee’s heart and be appreciated, everything must be sincere. Courtesy and care towards family and friends – you benefit from it, not someone else.

Opportunities to highlight the intimacy of congratulations and make them personalized. To make communication warmer and more sincere. You need only to wish, and we would create a tool in the form of a useful site. Having made up our minds to do so, my partners and I got down to the project SEVAZH.

Inspired by Siarhei

From simple to complicated

We aimed at creating an easy-to-use recourse to enable everyone to order a custom-made card, caricature greeting card, etc., but we realized it would be too expensive for customers. Individual approach to each customer remains, but:

  • archive of cards was created ( and new items are steadily added).
  • we took into account ways of making a card unique by means of text, sound, photo editor. It enables users to create personalized cards without any additional expenses.
  • we provide opportunities to print cards out.
  • and so on, and so forth.

As the task was getting more and more complicated, our Chief Technician Yauhen screamed blue murder but did his best to make our service convenient and easy for you to use. As the site is constantly improved, we will keep enjoying Yauhen’s voice.

Chief Technician Yauhen

Primary goal

Financial specialist

We did our best so that you could show to your friends and family that this card is special for THEM and not just a mass e-mailing. The only thing that matters is to congratulate with all your heart. Congratulations must be full of warmness and joy. We strived to create a nice, cozy project. Of course, we could not but use modern technologies. They provide you, users, with comfort and convenience. However, we prioritized our products’ artistic value and your opportunity to express that all congratulations come from respect for the person. What matters for us is that your card should highlight your individual address to a particular person.

It will make us happy if you not only sent cards via e-mail and social networks, but also print them out and write on them some warm words to those you are congratulating. Trust us, they will find it nice and certainly enjoy it.

We hope to achieve our goal thanks to you and your subscription, as well as our Financial specialist Ivan’s effort.

To achieve the goal

In order to enable you to send warm, joyful cards, we work together with a number of gifted artists. We do not upload stock works to the site. Our company finances each card from our archive. We do not tell the artists what to draw, do not limit their imagination by commercial requirements. There is only one thing we ask them to do: while working, make sure your works reflect joy of celebration and warm relationship. For many of them working with us was the first experience of creating greeting cards. We told them “Let your pictures convey everything good you would wish your family and friends.”

And that is why, we suppose, our site boasts such wonderful, warm and gorgeous cards. Quantity of items if not our objective. We look for quality; in this case it is cheerfulness and satisfaction from our service and our cards.

Not just cards, but comfort

For those who are extremely busy and have a bad memory for date (just like me) and those who prefer scheduling, calendar of congratulations is available on our site. Thanks to the calendar, you can plan and arrange all congratulations through the year. Fill in the calendar, and all congratulations will be sent to e-mails within the time and date specified.

Feedback is valuable

We would be glad to receive all your comments and suggestions. Let us know if you have any info@sevazh.com

They do their best for You

Alena Bryzgunova

I like to create unique things that resonate with you. I believe that everything that is created with love is done well. Therefore, I am glad to share with you what inspires and brings me joy!

Anne Pikkov

My name is Anne - I design, illustrate and produce ideas. I have worked in advertising industry for many years but now my passion is illustration and book design. Many of my works have been exhibited nationwide and internationally. I use themes of adventure and humor to create strong but charming imagery through a range of mediums. People have told me that my pictures make them think and smile what is absolutely lovely!

Irina Khovanskaya

I’m firmly convinced that the artist is gifted to present people with emotions. Each of my cards (illustration) holds as mall story full of various feelings: love, humor, mischief… Exchange greeting cards, share emotions – that’s what makes us happy!

Natali Fomina

I put heart and soul into every work. Give yourself and your loved one a small miracle! I thank the Universe for this talent. But I’m not greedy and will share it with you! I want my works to make you happy, bring genuine smiles on your faces and cheer you up. To cook well, you need to be in good mood. The same is true about creating greeting cards. Otherwise, the result will be not so tasty and hearty!

Odessa Animation Studio

Our work and creativity are evaluated by your cheerful mood and merriness. It's our delight to bring joy to your hearts and evoke smiles on your faces.

Olena Harbuz

On drawing, I smile and dream of how everyone will become a bit happier after seeing my works. My wish is to give you all more bright colors and pleasant emotions.

Rado Laukar

If our card made you smile, our work was not in vain.

Sati Vevea

Hello, dear users! It’s my pleasure to draw for you wishing you a bright mood and positive emotions! Hope you’ll find my works fascinating. Best wishes, Sati.

Siarhei Bakavets

When getting down to work, I don’t know how long it will take to finish the painting. But that’s of no importance. What does matter is that my works appeal to you. It is such a delight to create cards for people to enjoy and share.


It's you who design this card. Be creative.