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Welcome New Year 2020!

Are you waiting for a miracle and Looking forward to going Christmas caroling, having a cookie exchange party and making Christmas candy?

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Hi, friends!

We are glad you have paid a visit to our site. You must be looking for fascinating greetings, aren’t you? We are delighted to offer greeting cards, Birthday party and Wedding invitations, coloring cards, simply gorgeous emotional cards and so much more. You can customize, personalize and create your own unique greetings and invitations. After all – it is such a pleasure to receive a card intended to be given to you!

There are still so many ideas to turn into reality and so many amazing days ahead. Soon we will be happy to offer you animated cards and video greetings.

Subscribe to the site and enjoy all our features. Set your Congratulations Calendar, take part in our contests. Our artists would love to create unique pictures for you, and our team is always here to help you to customize a card or invitation (though it is so easy to do it yourself).

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Twinkling Stars

Even the stars seem to twinkle brighter in the run-up to the most beloved holiday of all ages. Spread fun and festive spirit with this charming Christmas coloring card that will brighten up their day. Besides being an ultimate holiday mood booster, it offers unmatched opportunities to enjoy adding color to it in the evening and restore trust in one’s creativity (in case it was crushed before).

Coloring cards

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Gingerbread Cookie Houses

Love holiday candies but backing is not really up your alley? Look at those sweet houses and yummy lollipops. This lovely festive Christmas card will set your loved ones into the mood for celebration instantly! It will be favorite among sugar enthusiast as well as those looking for Christmas inspiration. Soft colors and elaborate detail make it stand out.


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Christmas Magic

What can scream Christmas louder than a wonderful decorated tree and fluffy snow? Help your friends and family find holiday cheer in the run-up to the most magical night of the year. Send your warm wishes and add to the happiness of the day with this amazing Christmas card. It brings up those sweet feelings and anticipation of the celebration we remember from childhood.


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It’s All For You

We guess you’re looking for a holiday card. With its smiling Santa, fir tree branches, box full of decorations and lollipops, this Christmas greeting card is an absolute must to express your heartfelt wishes. We all love this ‘Ho-ho-ho’ spirit, right? Give your near and dear not only happy moments of reading your message, but also amazing opportunity to add color themselves.

Coloring cards

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Bright Christmas Tree

The New Year tree is rightly considered the symbol of the New Year and Christmas. The Christmas tree is full of surprises: sweets, colored balls and cones, crackers with tinsel and even the old shoe, The smell of Christmas tree always fills any house with magic and fantasy. May the sweet magic of Christmas not only fill in your heart and soul, but also spread to your dear and near ones. Wishing you a Christmas filled with fun and joy!

Coloring cards

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Cool Santa with Rabbit

Everyone eagerly awaits a magical holiday - Christmas. The children are very happy. Adults like children have fun and even Santa has changed something in his image - he put on sunglasses so as not to squint too much from the sparkle of tinsel and fireworks! And also a little funny rabbit waiting for a big miracle and surprises. The scene, characters and design make this card perfect for Christmas celebration.


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Reindeer and Glittering Stars

Let go of everything that troubles - it's time to remember what it feels like to be irresponsible and absolutely happy! Yet don't forget to send holiday greetings. Tap into the excitement of Christmas and wish your near and dear a very happy holiday season with this captivating greeting card. It brings up the bittersweet feeling of nostalgia.


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On the Way to Christmas

For those who enjoy spreading Christmas mood and exchanging seasonal wishes. Take advantage and surprise your near and dear by sending this perfect festive card that will get them into the spirit. Soft fluffy snowflakes and the gleaming decorated card with a Christmas tree bent to its roof offer a charming memory trip and will make them feel like a child.


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Popular cards

Amazing dad

A Happy Father's Day card. Kind, gentle and attentive. Always ready to do everything for you. He is so wonderful. Always putting his family first. Having had a lot to learn from tough experience, he’s always there to give advice and help you out. Say how much you love and appreciate him and how grateful you are for his effort and care. May his heart be filled with joy and merriness. He deserves it.


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A beautiful witch

A charming flamboyant Halloween card featuring a picture-perfect witch flying on her broom with two spooky pumpkins in her hands. Have you ever seen a more gorgeous witch? Those mischievous pumpkins and bats set against duskiness and the misty Moon leave nothing more to be desired tonight. Such a stylish and inspiring card is suitable for anyone. Look no further – just share it and say Happy Halloween.


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A sweet present

A sparkling Birthday party invitation for your exuberant event. An air of excitement about a crazy party and unbridled joy. A great choice to have a great time on your special day. Birthdays are meant for exhilarating fun! Spice it up a bit by sending such a festive invitation to all your loved ones. It’s a must-have! Add your event details and invite all the guests in a few clicks!


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Ready For A Spooky Halloween

What’s Halloween? Grinning pumpkins, spooky ghosts, fancy spider webs - all the important holiday icons are here! And, of course, a stunningly scary costume. These make everyone excited for the celebrations to begin! Need an incredible Halloween card, this one will do the trick! Share it to wish them lots of fun and very happy night!


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A Christmas scene

A Christmas and New Year greeting card featuring an elegant Christmas tree, picture-perfect sweet house, and light fluffy snowflakes. Mystery of the holiday. You are openhearted, remember loved ones and show your gratitude for their being by your side. The very thought of Christmas brings back so many jolly memories. Bring a smile to your special people’s faces and wish them a very happy holiday by sending this card.


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A sweet Birthday party invitation that will make the little guests excited about the big occasion. Make use of the template, it’s so convenient – simply add event details, and that’s it! Looks like the celebration is going to be so much fun. May the day be filled with joy and laughter. This merry and lively invitation would be a good choice for a thrilling kids’ party.


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A Happy Thanksgiving Greeting Card featuring a traditional festive scene. This radiant turkey is waiting for you to join the celebration and promises a great time surrounded by the people you love and care about. The time you’ve been looking forward to all year long is here. Celebrate the season and express your gratitude to the loved ones and bring a smile to their faces with this vibrant card. Happy Thanksgiving Day.


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Santa on trend

A fancy New Year greeting card. Santa can be on trend as well. What is he thinking about? Has he delivered all presents and congratulated everyone? And have you? Send your warm wishes and cheer up your friends and family with this card. Start their new year right with this cute stylish Santa. Share your holiday spirit and have fun together. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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Limited Edition Cards

love-rocks love-in-us im-proud-to-have-you-in-my-life lifelong-love true-love-shouldnt-be-hidden

If you’re hunting for the perfect greeting card, our Limited Edition series is just what you need. Exquisite and exclusive, they are bound to find a way into their heart.

When words are not enough, let them help express how you really feel. Suitable for any occasion, such a card will get your message out loud.

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And more amazing stuff

December Birthdays

SEVAZH wishes happy Birthday to all December born! Be happy and all the best!


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If needed, feel free to order editor services (at additional cost). These services include filling out of greeting cards and invitations, etc. Our team will customize and personalize everything for you. What you get is a file ready to use.


You can place an order for a unique drawing (comics, caricature card, invitation, etc.) Our artists would love to make something exclusive for you.


Our subscribers get the opportunity to partake in our contests. Only they can compete for amazing prizes inspired by our cards and greetings.


We created this website first of all for you to have one more opportunity to show your special people that they are important. Sending greetings is a thoughtful gesture of care that makes your friends and family smile.


It takes a lot of Googling to buy something you really care about. Think of the last time you were struggling to choose a new car, a fridge or even a hair balm (girls will understand what I mean). And it is especially true when it comes to being confident that you have chosen the best gift for your loved one.

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by Sviatlana Fisko

Monday, June 4, 2018

Using the website was a new experience for me. I used to send congratulations under the wire. Being in a rush, I often forgot to congratulate a number of people. Now I've made my Congratulations Calendar and customized a greeting card for each person. Even if I'm abroad, all my friends and family will receive my congratulations. This website is amazing, and the cards are gorgeous.

by Yulia Bazhanova

Friday, January 11, 2019

Thank you, my friends, for your efforts to make this world a more beautiful and diverse place. It's a delight to use your cards and Birthday party invitations. What I'm fond of is creating my own unique cards. It makes me proud to know that a person will never receive another exactly the same card as mine. Now I'm one of a kind, thank you and good luck.